Sunday, February 14, 2010

Martian Art Galleries Are Up!

Ever wondered what my paintings and drawings look like? Well now you can find out without having to leave your computer.

I've created and uploaded my Visual Art section, which comprises a set of galleries of my best works as well as a theory section which will soon house my famous Colour Wheel!

Check It Out.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Camera Diatribe Rewritten!

Well it turned out that I made a number of incorrect assumptions in my previous analysis of the Physics of Cameras. I admit that I was wrong on a number of points and I apologise for my errors. The main thrust of my analysis, detailing the effect of Poisson Aliasing on camera behaviour remains correct but some assumptions I made with respect to aperture, maximum electron count and Bayer interpolation were well wide of the mark, resulting in some numbers that were out of the ballpark.

Thanks to the folks at Luminous Landscape forums, who alerted me to my errors, I have rejigged the whole diatribe and this time I have actually proved my results with real output from a range of real cameras.

Along the way I had to derive an optical formula from first principles, setup and solve an equation in double integrals and write a diagnostic app in "C".

For Science Geeks Only!.